About USG

About USG

Our Company

Twenty Five years ago, Universal Screen Graphics was started on the ambition of Tim Packrall as an in-house graphics and printing department of his exhibit manufacturing company. Tim saw there was a need for quality, high volume, and quick turnaround printing that his department was able to fulfill. It was this success that gave him the drive to grow his department into a company.

In 1992, Tim established a separate facility where he set up to accomplish his goals of providing the same level of service to other areas of the printing industry. He staffed his team with accomplished professionals including designers, printers, and marketing analysts.

Later, Tim’s wife, Dianne, and son, Preston would join the team at Universal Screen Graphics. The innovation and passion that started this company has remained at its core allowing Universal Screen Graphics to provide clients with the most current signage to grab their customer's attention and increase sales up to 10%.

What makes Universal Screen Graphics stand out above the rest?

Being family owned and operated, Universal Screen Graphics has applied its family values into the framework of the company. USG is committed to providing clients with the best the industry has to offer. We don’t look to simply acquire a client, but to develop long lasting partnerships that evolve into an addition of the family.