Finishing Services

Finishing Services

Finishing Services

One of the most important aspects of signage is the finishing process. We offer a variety of finishing services to ensure that your signage stands out. We believe that our finishing services are what provides our clients’ signage an unprecedented edge. We work with the intention of providing our clients an unparalleled customization program in order to make certain that your signs attract attention at the store level.

We offer all of the following finishing services and more:

Die Cutting

Die cutting allows for unique customization of your signage products. Die cutting is the process in which a material can be cut into a specific shape or size. We use this finishing process to create uncommon, individual, and personalized shapes to guarantee that your signage stands out among competitors. It is important to create signage that catches the eye of potential customers.

Contour Cutting

Contour cutting is a process in which the cutline is custom-cut to follow the shape of your design. This allows for a smooth and clean cut around your finished design and creates a signage shape that is tailored to your design layout.


Creasing is a wonderful option for designs that will be featured on cardboard boxes or signage that will be folded. Creasing is what allows your cereal box at home to maintain its physical integrity while also providing you graphic visuals on all six sides of the box. This type of finishing process allows you to have a variety of different designs on one product.

Tri Folding

This process can be used for paper or posters that will provide six panels of information or design. Tri folds are typically used when creating brochures and pamphlets but can also be used to create booklets, invitations, newsletters, and business presentations. Possibilities are endless with tri folding.


Slitting is used to cut the liner/backing of an adhesive material without affecting the integrity of the printed adhesive. This allows the customer to peel a small portion of the backing to expose the adhesive. We also use this process to create an easier way for the client to remove the entire backing of an adhesive sign. This can be useful for producing signage like shelf tags and bumper stickers.


This process includes the hemming of extra material around the sides or perimeter of a banner. This creates more room for printed advertisement without affecting the integrity of the banner in any way. Hemming is an effective way to make a banner physically stronger.


Installing grommets into your design product is an easy way to turn a regular banner into one that you can hang. Grommets provide the capability for you to hang your sign almost anywhere. Even if you choose not to hang your sign right away, having grommets installed will give you the option to hang your signage later. Grommets are a great addition for any printed banner design.


We also have laminating capabilities in order to add a clear plastic film to your printed pieces. We can laminate in both a glossy and matte finish. This can protect your printed product from the elements, whether it be- grease, dirt, water, moisture, and tears. This can protect your printed material no matter the environment. This finishing process is great for membership cards, restaurant and bar menus, pricing lists, counter mats, pump decals, operational instructions, and safety measures. Laminating is important for printed materials that you might need to keep dry in a humid environment or one prone to moisture.

Clear Coating

Another finishing process that protects your printed products is clear coating. This finishing service gives your materials a thin layer of protection to make your designs visually sharp while keeping them in brand new condition for years. Clear coating can also be applied to specific portions of your signage. This can create a focal point of your design and help catch the attention of your customers. For example, clear coating the price point of a design allows the price to pop off the page. This is helpful if you want your customer to remember or focus on a particular part of your design.